Gaming on the iPhone 5

Probably the most pronounced effect of the growing popularity of smart phones is the gaming culture it has brought about. From a 5 year old girl solving a simple jigsaw puzzle to an 80 year old man solving crosswords, everyone loves to game. The games out there today are innovative, have extremely good graphics and just keep you addicted! This is what makes gaming so important to app development. There will always be better games to be made out there, and there are millions of gamers waiting for it.

A lot of people dislike Apple for its exclusivity. They feel that being a completely closed platform, it can never truly compete with the apps and games that are developed on a Windows or Android platform. But I believe, iPhone app development  particularly in terms of gaming has a lot to offer.

One of the best things about iOS is it does not hang. Despite the Apple hardware having slower processors, the page transitions are so smooth you don’t feel like you are ever stuck waiting. On Android, the screen often freezes and there perpetually seems to be a lag. This can be a real put off to gamers.

While comparing OSs one cannot deny how extremely user friendly iOS is. This is probably why young kids prefer to play on the iPhone, which seems more intuitive and it is much easier to get the hang of it.

The iPhone 5 in particular, is the hard core gamers dream come true. Yes, it still lacks physical buttons but with everything else it boasts of, I don’t think people really care about this anymore.

The iPhone has gotten bigger! Though it is still smaller than the Samsung S4, its aspect ratio of 16:9, is the same as that of an HD TV which makes the graphics look absolutely perfect. And of course, a larger screen entitles more thumb space, and hence a better gaming experience. However, the length of the iPhone 5 does make gaming while placing the device vertically a bit difficult.

Another great thing about the iPhone 5 is that it is so light and compact. It’s reduced thickness and better grip is a huge plus. It makes gaming more comfortable and stress free.

The variety of games available on the App store is amazing. Though, the games are not free, they are priced pretty reasonably. In fact, some of them are so cheap, that you do not even need to think twice before buying it, even if you are trying a game for the first time.

iPhone app development has a lot to offer. The iPhone is probably the device closest to giving a gamer the full gaming experience, almost of the quality of a gaming console. The iPhone 5 has shown the way to the future of gaming, and app development for games. So if you have an idea for a great game, make sure you have the best developers for iPhone app development in the business working on it.

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