Five tips to manage first few days of App Development as a free lancer

Releasing an app is like releasing a movie. You can never say which movie will be a box office hit and which one will flop. While there are millions of Apps available in the app store, only a few of them make revenue. This situation aptly suggests that one needs to keep building Apps until that one single hit occurs. Given below are five tips to manage first few days of app development:

1. Continue your current employment: You need funds to pay the bills while you work on an app idea.   As per Tim Feriss, writer of The 4-Hour Work Week, People have a dilemma between sticking on to a Job and becoming an entrepreneur, but this transition can be made gradually and systematically. So have a solid plan. Check the market demand for your app. Gain some first paying users.

Having some grip on the market will help you judge the demand for your application will improve your self-belief. This in turn will give you a chance to  market on a larger scale.

2. Outsource your product development: While you can develop the primary instance of your product, it will be economical to outsource the development. Despite what the critics say, the fact is that products like Digg, Alibaba were first outsourced.  In the initial stages of development, your objective is to  release your core product. Once you get returns you can create an in-house team.

 3. Engage in short-term projects. By this means you can both build your own products and at the same time not risk too much money.  While continuing to develop your own product, take up short term projects that will keep the funds flowing. There are online portals like Freelancer, Elance where you can find short term projects.

4. Applying for investor funding:  You can try to obtain monetary help from angel investors. These investors may not hassle you with much paper work such as providing  a detailed business plan.

5. Take up a part-time job: You need both time and money to build your dream App, so it is advisable that you take up a part time job.


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