Patented new control technology: Controlling iPad with 3D gestures

There is a big possibility that someday, your iPad will not only be controlled by the standard touch control technology but with 3D gestures. According to the patent filed in the second quarter of 2010, future iPads may no longer be manipulated by touch control alone but with 3D gestures. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office[…]

Apple iPad App Store lends with new feature “Genius”

iPad users will be happy to find that the iPad App Store includes a “Genius” tab. AppleInsider reveals that the Apple has rolled out Genius feature for its App Store that will enable to help users to find new applications. Although Genius recommendations for the iPad was available only via the desktop iTunes interface, the[…]

Long lines for Apple’s iPad international launch

Hot on heals of Apple stores, the company’s latest international launch, iPad, on Friday left customers stand in long queues. People got attracted to this innovative design that’s smaller than a notebook and an open color touchscreen that’s designed for surfing, watching, reading resulting in a worthful product. Apple had delayed iPad international launch due[…]

Apple updates Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Apple updated new iPad support software document addressing issues for Wi-Fi network connections. This support document works around the Wi-Fi connectivity issues and also with the future iPad software. When using Wi-Fi network with iPad you may encounter issues such as: •    Wi-Fi signals are weak •    Inefficient to find nearby Wi-Fi network •    Unable[…]