BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Updated by RIM

Although RIM is currently hard at work in their effort to bring BlackBerry 10 and its PlayBook OS 2.0 to market, it certainly is not ignoring its present customer base. Last week, RIM updated several of its essential services of which its mobile conferencing applications received the most recent update. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing ver. 2.0[…]

Are BlackBerry Apps Really that Popular?

Recently, RIM (Research in Motion) claimed that BlackBerry Apps are among the most popular applications in the market today. However, analysts are sure whether this is RIM’s way of encouraging people to keep using the BlackBerry brand and the let the market know that there is nothing wrong with the company. In a report, RIM’s[…]

BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 – Are your Apps ready for this Tablet?

RIM (Research In Motion) is set to release its BlackBerry PlayBook 0s 2.0 this coming February and developers must make sure that their apps are ready for this tablet when the launch date is announced. With RIM preparing its tablet’s market introduction, the company encourages all BlackBerry app developer to test their old and new[…]

BlackBerry Playbook Gets 2.0 Upgrade

A long delayed software update for BlackBerry PlayBook has just been released by RIM (Research In Motion). Nine months ago, reports regarding Android apps support update for BlackBerry tablet surfaced but it took a long time before RIM could actually implement it in real time. The 2.0 software update is certainly worth the wait and[…]

BlackBerry Playbook finally got Angry Birds

Just as people start to think that Android and iOS are the only possible mobile platforms, the ubiquitous, all pervading Angry Birds has finally reached the BlackBerry App Store. Angry Birds is the popular mobile app introduced by the Finnish mobile app developers Rovio. Before, only Android devices and iOS based smart phones and tablets[…]

RIM to offer Four Moths Trial for BlackBerry Music

A day after RIM announced a very disappointing and unsatisfactory financial result and the delay of its next generation operating system, the company is trying to attract more BlackBerry users to try its BBM music sharing service by providing BB users a free trial period of up to four months. Subsequent to the release last Thursday[…]

Late 2012 launching for next generation BlackBerrys

Research in Motion (RIM) said early Thursday that the new lines of BlackBerry phones will have a delayed launching until late 2012. The new phones are deemed important for asserting the company’s position in the smart phone and tablet market. One of RIM’s co – CEO, Mike Lazirdis said that BlackBerry 10 models will require[…]

BlackBerry App introducing new gifting options in time for holidays

Without so much fanfare, Research in Motion (RIM) introduced a beta edition of BlackBerry App development  World software portal that includes a number of cool and handy new features. The most noticeable is the app gifting which RIM has preempted months before and its timely released is very ideal for the holiday season. With this[…]