Call Control Pro App for Blackberry

Blackberry users can now block their spam or unwanted calls with the assistance of most precious blacklist app Call Control Pro app. When compared to other call blocker app, the users of Blackberry may feel departured of this app as it brings forth the user and FCC complaints. These are loaded in the community blacklist that gives you feedback and even helps induce you to control the calls. This app automatically blocks telemarketing and other spam calls which render users with privacy and also blocks telemarketers by the first call blocker application without any participation from the user.

Here are some important features of this powerful Call Control App:
•    You will not get ring from the calls that are blocked.
•    It helps block private and strange callers.
•    The contacts which are in address book are not blocked.
•    Users can see the blocked calls using call log.
•    For automatic updates set up Upgrade to Pro

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