BlackBerry Web Plug-in v2.0

The BlackBerry Widget Packager v1.0, a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator and the BlackBerry Email Simulator are included in BlackBerry Web Plug-in v2.0. Both Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio are now available in BlackBerry Web Plug-ins. Developers can create, debug, package browser based content and Blackberry Widgets for the Blackberry smartphone by using this Blackberry Web Plug-in v2.0.

•    Supports for debugging web projects with Blackberry smartphone simulators.
•    Has the ability to set, remove and disable breakpoints in JavaScript code.
•    From your widget or web project you can view profiling date for the HTML, JavaScript, style pages and images and many more other objects.
•    During web page debugging process you can view HTTP request and response generated data.
•    Hot-swapping of BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators makes easy to test the browser based applications and Blackberry widgets.

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