BlackBerry Playbook Gets 2.0 Upgrade

A long delayed software update for BlackBerry PlayBook has just been released by RIM (Research In Motion). Nine months ago, reports regarding Android apps support update for BlackBerry tablet surfaced but it took a long time before RIM could actually implement it in real time. The 2.0 software update is certainly worth the wait and it could be what BlackBerry needs to make its PlayBook tablet more appealing to customers. This February, all PlayBook users are expected to receive the update for free.

The most appealing about this software update is the integration of Android apps support. However, all apps must be fine-tuned by developers before it get approval from BlackBerry company and then adding it to RIM’s App World. The advantage for this is that it offers a more seamless experience to users with a guarantee that all BlackBerry apps will work once downloaded from App World. If this move will enable the BlackBerry company to get plenty of developers and keep all apps updated, it can certainly improve RIM’s app selection. This is because although PlayBook is a very competitive tablet in terms of features and functionality, it scores low when it comes to apps selection compared to Apple’s iPad and other Android based devices.

The integration of Android apps on BlackBerry PlayBook is good news because Google’s Android Market just went over its 500,000 active apps milestones which give BlackBerry users a comprehensive collection of applications to choose from. Just like the native apps, all Android apps behaved the same and looked great on the BlackBerry screen. Playing games will be a new experience for PlayBook users because of the smooth graphics that look great even with 3D apps.

The 2.0 upgrade is definitely a big plus for BlackBerry PlayBook and hopefully, this will ferry the BlackBerry name back in the competition.

For starters, RIM has updated the home screen. The favorite icons dock now stays at the top of the apps menu page. RIM joins its iOS and Android competition by allowing you to create folders; just hold down an app icon, drag one app onto another, and change the app name. Although waiting for this one big update has been frustrating for some due to the long delayed release, all improvements including the contact, calendar, email apps, and the integration of Android Apps did an excellent job that made PlayBook 2.0 support update a very compelling upgrade.

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