BlackBerry Playbook finally got Angry Birds

Just as people start to think that Android and iOS are the only possible mobile platforms, the ubiquitous, all pervading Angry Birds has finally reached the BlackBerry App Store. Angry Birds is the popular mobile app introduced by the Finnish mobile app developers Rovio. Before, only Android devices and iOS based smart phones and tablets have benefited from this seemingly addicting game. And since the BlackBerry App Store is now offering this very popular mobile games, BlackBerry users now have the chance to enjoy it using their PlayBook. One commenter from The Verge, DropCareBear’s  said that: “It’s actually awesome. I got it when it was 200 and I couldn’t be happier. I like it better than the iPad personally. Granted the iPad has many more apps, but those are made my third party devs mostly, so hopefully they’ll start making more Playbook apps/ports, because it deserves it. As a bonus, being able to run Android apps, though still in beta is pretty awesome.

However, Angry Birds is only available for PlayBook tablets only. This means that unless you are a member of BlackBerry Play Book Fan Club, you will have to wait for a while before this mobile game app becomes available for BlackBerry mobile devices. For $4.99 each, the Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Rio can now be downloaded from BlackBerry App Store. Interested users can also use the Request a Gift feature available in BlackBerry App World 3.1. You can use this to send your BBM friends requests to purchase the Rovio games for you this Christmas.

Angry Birds is a very popular mobile app and according to a report, this particular app is downloaded more than 1 million times per day. But these downloads are not from kids alone because it is also popular among the demographic of over 35 years old and played more than thirty million times per day across all age groups. This definitely means that Angry Birds finally took over the world and as long as there is no mobile app that comes out with the same appeal from Rovio, Angry Birds will continue to dominate the mobile app games market.

On the other hand, it is definitely high time for BlackBerry users to get a share of this fun filled mobile game. Although BlackBerry smart phones will have to wait a bit longer, the fact that BlackBerry PlayBook now has Angry Birds mean that sooner or later, all BlackBerry users will be able to enjoy this game in their BB devices.

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