BlackBerry OS 7 advantage

Research In Motion (RIM) declared that their BlackBerry OS 7 offers up to forty percent fast web browsing experience as compared to the previous BlackBerry OS 6. This is largely due to the advanced WebKit browser engine and a number of enhancements introduced to the handsets. In addition to that, the OS platform also features optimized panning and zooming capabilities and an enhanced liquid graphic technology and a highly improved HTML function. The good thing about this is that these additional features work in line with the new BB handsets’ dedicated graphics processor and CPU to present a very responsive touch interface and an amazingly smooth and fast graphics.

Furthermore, the mobile OS offers built-in support for Augmented Reality and Near Field Communications technology, which among other things, can ensure the handset can be used to purchase goods and services by simply tapping a special pad. Vice President for Handheld Product Management at RIM Carlo Chiarello said, “BlackBerry smartphones offer a uniquely refined mobile communications experience that people love and we think many customers will be thrilled by the faster performance, beautiful touch displays and compact designs available with these new BlackBerry 7 based models.

Security Evaluation For BB OS 7

Research in Motion also announced that BlackBerry smart phones carrying BlackBerry OS 7 have already met the security standards for EAL 4+ (evaluation assurance level). This was after Common Criteria independently evaluated BlackBerry smart phones and according to Scott Totzke, “Security is one of the most important considerations for enterprise customers and we are proud that BlackBerry 7 OS has earned this rigorous certification.” Totzke is the senior vice president BlackBerry Security at Research in Motion.

The certification issued to BlackBerry after the outage the company experienced may be able to improve their popularity among consumers. This is definitely the answer for the company’s previous problems and just might help the company bounce back. In line with the growing competition in the smart phone market, Research in Motion tries its best to make sure all BlackBerry smart phones will continue to be the standard in communication tool for business even if it is currently experiencing a sliding growth and Android devices are gradually making lead changes in the smart phone market.

Among the latest BlackBerry smart phones to feature BlackBerry OS 7 are BlackBerry Curve 9380 and BlackBerry Bold 9790. Among the two, the Bold 9790 is the most advantageous updating classic Bold design. This comes with a more curvaceous figure and a narrower shape. Although this does not possess high specs compared to BB Bold 9900, it still packs a decent 1 GHz processor which powers the smart phone’s 2.44-inch touch screen. With a BlackBerry OS 7, this new line of smart phones from RIM can help improve its competitiveness in the market.

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