BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Updated by RIM

Although RIM is currently hard at work in their effort to bring BlackBerry 10 and its PlayBook OS 2.0 to market, it certainly is not ignoring its present customer base. Last week, RIM updated several of its essential services of which its mobile conferencing applications received the most recent update.

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing ver. 2.0 is RIM’s news mobile conferencing software. Added is wide range of new and functional features to improve the process of joining or starting conference calls using BlackBerry smart phones. The update made way for new features like the “Join Now” button for one click dial in. This is embedded right in the calendar appointments to further simplify the creation and scheduling of future conferences. Another new addition is the one click “Reconnect” button for easy reconnection once you get disconnected. With this new update, you can now directly schedule conference calls complete with bridge details from your BlackBerry Calendar at once. One thing you should not miss out is the new feature for converting email threads into conference invitation from all the participants who are included in the email thread. Other features available for this version is the ‘tell a friend’ sharing button which will allow you to easily share the app via BB Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.

Aside from RIM’s mobile conferencing update, the AppWorld also had some major updates recently. The BlackBerry Music for instance is offering free trials. The BlackBerry Music service usually costs around ten dollars per month but it will be a free service for four months for Canadian and U.S. users and six months for Italian, British, and Spanish users. For those who haven’t tried it yet, the BlackBerry Music service allows users to share their personal playlists with friends and give them access to music files stored in their libraries.

A new bet version of AppWorld is already provided by RIM. The App World v3.1.1.15 Beta is the newest version but is only available to beta testers registered with BlackBerry Beta Zone. This updated version brings substitute billing choice and app submission now has a much easier to use confirmation screen. Other features include a number of bug fixes and support for OS 7.1. You can sign up at BlackBerry Beta Zone if you want to be one among the firsts to try this new version and find out ahead of everybody if this will work better for you than the older version.

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