BlackBerry App World launched in Philippines

Blackberry smart phones are now available to Philippines. Blackberry officially announced by Research In Motion on March 25th 2010. The Philippines users can download free as well as paid mobile applications for their smartphones. In addition to this, Rim also launched blackberry device software as well as blackberry desktop software for application download which include Blackberry messenger.

With the option of Blackberry App world, the customers feel easy to discover and download applications for their blackberry smartphone. Gregory Wade the managing director says that they are very pleased to offer this enhanced experience to their customers in the Philippines.

It furnishes number of features to the Blackberry users. Below are the some of the features.

  • It allows users application archive to a microSD card or can built-in storage memory on their   Blackberry smartphone.
  • It includes a folder called My World, keeps track of applications the user has downloaded. This is a personal storage space that allows users to uninstall and re-install applications.
  • The users can recommend applications to their friends or people through email, pin, SMS message or Blackberry messenger.
  • Variety of application categories including entertainment, IM and social networking, news, weather, productivity and more.

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