BlackBerry App introducing new gifting options in time for holidays

Without so much fanfare, Research in Motion (RIM) introduced a beta edition of BlackBerry App development  World software portal that includes a number of cool and handy new features. The most noticeable is the app gifting which RIM has preempted months before and its timely released is very ideal for the holiday season. With this new app, it is now possible for BB users to request a particular app as a gift from his or her circle of BBM friends. Users can also buy apps as gifts and send it to other BB users using the same procedure. Last week, a content rating was introduced and this also applies for this beta edition so BB apps will get the necessary general, teen, mature, and adult ratings. In addition, there are also several tweaks that were introduced including connectivity if you want to use Wi-Fi only and additional language option for Korean, Indonesian, Chines, Thai, Vietnamese, and Dutch among others.

The last significant update for BB App World enhanced the overall user interface although not much was actually changed when it comes to functionality. As it is, BlackBerry App World still does fair and this includes side loading and purchasing applications via a browser, in – app purchasing, user ratings, apps sharing via BBM, subscriptions, as well as PayPal and credit card billing. The only thing missing that most BlackBerry users are likely to be anticipating is the referral program, and a comprehensive promo code system.

To take a bit farther, it would be much nicer if BlackBerry made available the wish list option so others can see via the profile of their BBM friends the apps they would want to receive as gifts. This will more likely diminish the possibility of buying the wrong apps for another person since those who are feeling generous will have an idea what apps are the best gift ideas for other people. Steam, an online gaming platform already has this type of feature and it will be great should RIM decides to incorporate this on their BlackBerry App World. When browsing through a catalog, users will be able to see who among their friends have any titles on their wish list and they can choose to buy it directly from that page without having to exit.

Research in Motion previously mentioned that BlackBerry’s gifting system can also be used to buy air time via direct carrier billing. Should this option goes live; it will be a pretty cool addition to BlackBerry’s convenient features. However, if this feature is fully integrated and RIM works out the kinks, parents will now have a convenient option to keep their kids topped while away from home.

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