Twitter Fabric: Is Twitter Building their own App Development Platform?

Rumor has it that Twitter is all set to launch their very own app development platform, titled Twitter Fabric. It is aimed at helping application developers have quicker sign-in processes, sell ads and avail analytics more easily. It will also benefit users, who will now see more extensions of Twitter in a number of web[…]

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: What is Brewing at Apple

So the wait is finally over. Apple has released not one but two new iPhones. After months of speculation, rumors and mind numbing suspense for iOS app developers and eager users alike, the new iPhone’s live up to all the hype. Here is a complete compilation of all things the iPhone 6 boasts of. The Size[…]

Marmalade 7.4: Great Strides in Cross Platform App Development

The Marmalade SDK, previously known as the Airplay SDK,   is a cross platform application development kit and game engine to test, develop and deploy applications for mobile devices. This follows the basic principle of a cross platform development tool of write once, run anywhere. This way, development for multiple platforms can be carried out[…]

Tracing Technology Trends: Low Code Development Platform

Technology is constantly evolving. In an industry like Information Technology, each day throws up a new problem, tackled by an innovative revelation. While the development in this arena is pretty divergent, the underlining motivation remains unchanged. The need to create a quicker and simpler solution. However, whether these ‘quick solutions’ that have entered the market[…]