Android picks up marketshare in US Smartphones market

comScore, the leader in measuring the digital world, released US smartphone marketshare numbers yesterday. The interesting insight from these numbers is that Apple’s marketshare growth has apparently slowed down from October 2009 to January 2010, while Google’s marketshare grew by a whopping 150%. Google’s smartphone marketshare in US grew from a meager 2.8% in Oct[…]

Apple to deliver the much anticipated Multitasking feature to iPhone?

AppleInsider announced today that people who have been making good predictions about Apple’s products and features have reported to it that Apple Developers can expect multitasking in Apple iPhone 4.0 probably by this summer. ThisĀ  as many of you know is a highly anticipated feature that is currently not available in non jail broken iPhones.[…]

Apple releases Safari 4.0.5

Apple today released Safari 4.0.5. This release is available for Mac OS, as well as Microsoft Vista, XP or Windows 7. As with most browser releases from the browser builders, Apple is claiming this release to have “performance improvements”, “stability improvements”. However, Apple is specifically stating that this release will work better with online forms[…]