Mastering Navigation: The Most Important Part of UI

Android is probably one of the most challenging platforms to develop applications on. Unlike as in iOS application development, Google gives both Android application developers and Android device manufacturers complete freedom to create their product and this has lead to thousands of devices with varied hardware and software specifications. This makes your job as an[…]

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Updated by RIM

Although RIM is currently hard at work in their effort to bring BlackBerry 10 and its PlayBook OS 2.0 to market, it certainly is not ignoring its present customer base. Last week, RIM updated several of its essential services of which its mobile conferencing applications received the most recent update. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing ver. 2.0[…]

Apple’s “Back to School” Promo for Students in the U.S.

Here’s some good news from Apple for education faculty and students. AppleInsider reports that Apple launches a promo called “Back to School” where students and the school staff can purchase a Mac with education discount and also can get a free iPod touch that costs $199. This promotion runs between May 25th to September 7th,[…]

RIM Introduces Blackberry Mobile Voice System 5

For growing number of employees working for business to keep their staff accessible through their work phone number and for improvement of productivity, Research In Motion introduces BlackBerry Mobile Voice System with voice over Wi-Fi calling. With the new version 5, an employee makes or receives enterprise calls with a single phone number that shared[…]