Are BlackBerry Apps Really that Popular?

Recently, RIM (Research in Motion) claimed that BlackBerry Apps are among the most popular applications in the market today. However, analysts are sure whether this is RIM’s way of encouraging people to keep using the BlackBerry brand and the let the market know that there is nothing wrong with the company. In a report, RIM’s VP of developer relations Alec Saunders said that the company is enjoying over six million downloads on a daily basis from its App World which is roughly estimated at around 174 million downloads per month. Aside from dismissing some of the myths about BlackBerry apps, Saunders wants to drive out the idea that BlackBerry app development is not a profitable venture.

On the other hand, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins tried to convince attendees at a developer’s conference in Amsterdam that the BlackBerry platform remains an attractive ecosystem for all app makers. Thorsten Heins focused on the fact that iPhone and Android markets often put significant importance on free apps which in some way devalues the general storefront for app developers who truly wants to make it big in the app development industry.

Getting into BlackBerry app development will give developers not just exposure but a valuable access to a growing customer base of BlackBerry smart phone users. However, the state of things RIM is currently into, most app developers are not too keen on investing in app development for BlackBerry. 2011 was a tough year for BlackBerry and up until the new BlackBerry is released this year, RIM will have to make sure that their present market share will remain interested in their brand by offering them quality apps.

With BlackBerry app development, it can provide a valuable assistance to target a new and unsaturated market that cannot only increase the target audience but also make sure that the BlackBerry applications will provide a boost for improving RIM’s current market standing. BlackBerry app development is an investment that can reap developers huge rewards later on should the RIM be able to make a huge turnaround. At present, BlackBerry app developers only need to create a unique and distinctive application concept that will cater to the needs and requirements of their target market. The rest will be a matter of time before they can enjoy the full benefits of developing a BlackBerry application and selling it in the App Store for profits.

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