Apple iPhone 4S maintained popularity despite competition

Owners of iPhone 4S rated their smart phones much higher than iPhone 4 owners did last year. A pollster body, Change Wave Research conducted a survey early November of more than two hundred iPhone 4S owners in the United States and at least 77% percent of the participants professed high satisfaction with the device while 19% agreed that they are merely ‘satisfied’ with their iPhone. All in all, at least ninety six percent of iPhone 4S owners proclaimed satisfaction with their smart phones. Last year, about 72% of iPhone 4 users were very satisfied while the remaining 21% were reluctantly happy with their iPhones.

When it comes to satisfaction surveys for smart phones, Apple usually beat their rivals according to Change Wave. Consumers are now more satisfied due to the integration of Siri in the new iPhone 4S. The new voice activated personal / virtual assistant is among the main reason why iPhone 4S is getting a high satisfaction rating from consumers. This is even when the fact still remains that Siri is still at its beta phase and refuses to answer some questions. At least 49% of iPhone 4S users put Siri as one of the top iPhone 4S features although the battery issue still affects the overall rating of the device.

ChangeWave noted that, “…to gauge the actual impact of the battery life issue on new iPhone 4S owners, we asked them to tell us if they had experienced reduced battery life with their device,” the note added. “Two-in-five owners said they had experienced reduced battery life with their iPhone 4S (40 percent).” However, only 8 percent apparently termed that battery life a “very big problem,” with another 20 percent reporting it was “somewhat of a problem.” But even with all the negative reports on iPhone 4S battery issues, the device still managed to sold more than four million units and this all happened on the first weekend since the device’s release in October.

In general, iPhone 4S users lauded the new iPhone due to its fast web browsing capability thanks to its A5 chip. The high resolution retina display technology also contributed to iPhone 4S popularity among consumers which raked in twenty three percent satisfaction rating and ranked fifth in popularity among the features of the new iPhone 4S. The iCloud service also managed to hit the sixth position with a nineteen percent rating.

When it comes to dropped calls, the survey result from ChangeWave found out that the rate of dropped calls with iPhone 4S is almost half of the drop calls with iPhone 4. The number was supported by the insertion of Verizon as a carrier at launch, since Change Wave Research found that iPhone 4S users using Verizon as their carrier experienced significantly lower number of dropped calls compared to those on AT&T.

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