83% Growth in iPhone App downloads last year

Fiksu, a marketing technology company tracked the effect of iPhone 4S on the overall iPhone app downloads. They found that the volume of download for the top two hundred apps significantly increased to 15% from previous record in October of 4.91 million downloads per day. In November last year, the company’s trend measuring system, the “App Store Competitive Index maxed out at 5.65 million app downloads everyday which has topped the five million mark for the first time. All in all, these totals to 83% increase in November of last year.

Considering the number of competitors and the fast growing Android market, 83% is a remarkable percentage. And since these changes all happened on the last part of 2011, this just shows how stagnant the early months of last year when it comes to mobile apps environment. Flurry, an analytics firm reported recently that the addressable market share for potential smart phone users both for iOS and Android in the U.S. amounted to 91 million while a staggering 122 million is garnered by China. There are still thousands of app downloads that remain untapped and the numbers presented by Fiksu how new smart phone users will contribute to the growth of iPhone app downloads in the coming months. As Fiksu calls it, the significant growth in iPhone apps downloads is a “colossal expansion of mobile apps” and much has yet to be seen as the release of iPhone 5 is being predicted this fall.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since Fiksu’s only focus is on the top 200 free iPhone apps. Their data is not yet inclusive of other numbers collected from downloaded paid apps and the apps that failed to get into the top 200 spot. If all available data is to be consolidated, it will not be surprise if the increase will be over 83% topping the five million per day downloads. All these transformations in mobile apps are pretty staggering but as Google’s Android begin to catch up speed with its recently achieved 400,000 active apps milestone, Apple’s iOS and iPhone app publishing will certainly get into overdrive.

It is a given fact that all iPhone products from devices to mobile applications are expected to be a hit among its consumers. These development is certainly good news for app developers and publishers because it gives them something solid to hold onto and inspire them to tap some of the untapped market in mobile apps.

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