Developing iPhone Apps

iOS Apps

Apple releases its iOS 7 that has several new features such as Smarter Multi Tasking, Control Center and AirDrop...

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Android Apps

You’ve arrived at the right place! Today Android contributes about 64% of the global smart phone market...

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Windows Apps

If you would like to build a Windows 8 Mobile Application for Windows Phone, Feel Free to contact us today...

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HTML5 Apps

We build apps using appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap and all other cross platform mobile app development tool...

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App Development for iPhone, Android, iPad and BlackBerry

The present day technology market has become very app friendly and there are apps which are specific to an operating system. Be it iOS, Android, Windows or HTML5, you will find apps for every need. There are two sides to this boom in app development, one there are app developers who are really good at what they do, who come out with brilliant and modern apps, and then there are those who can write a few lines of code, and call themselves app developers. When you are in the lookout for an app developer, if you are not wise, you just might end up with sloppy app developers, who will not only fail to serve your need, but also will waste enormous amounts of time and money. Praveen Narra, and his team of expert mobile app developers have provided best value for their customer’s app development investments.

Why you can be sure with us:

After 13 years of being in business and having been involved in hundreds of projects, we have overcome many of the challenges our competitors are yet to encounter. We have smoothed out the kinks so you don’t have to be a lab rat! We know “App Development”. We are the best at what we do.  We have been in business long enough to pride ourselves in exceeding our customers’ expectations every time. Contact us for all your app development for iPhoneAndroidiPad and BlackBerry Projects.

The Way We Work:

The best thing about us is that, we do native app projects from inception to finish, we also work as consultants to help your existing projects reach the logical conclusion of being published. If you want to build native iPhone apps from scratch, or if you want app development for Android, iPad or BlackBerry from concept to reality, we will do it for you. If you already have people working on an app, and  have hit a snag, we at App development will help your team get the rest of the job done and make sure that your app hits the market quickly and effortlessly. If you are unsure of the approach that will suit you best then just call us for 30 minutes of free consultation.  We will understand your needs and assist you with creating an app based on your needs.

Remote Workplace:

We at App Development, Inc have a very handy solution if you are located in a different city. Our experts can tell you on how to build an app. You can hire people from our team, they will work from their own office and deliver the app to you. The people at App development, Inc are very versatile and flexible, and under any circumstance can get the job done. We are prepared to deliver excellence to your app project. We can serve you in the following capacities:

  • Projects:: Fully outsourced solution… When you want our savvy team to create your app from start to finish.
  • Consultants:: Our consultants work from your location… When you need skilled professionals to work with your team to refine and speed up your in-house app development.
  • Teams:: Our  app developers work from our office… Whether you’re located in Alaska or Arizona, you can hire our app developer(s) to work remotely from our office.

Not sure which is best for you? Request a Free, No-Obligation Consultation today. Why settle for mediocrity or struggle through your app’s development? Our performance and results will knock your socks off for an investment you’ll smile about. Take the next step now…

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